What Should You Do If You Get Injured At A Store

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We have all seen movies where a character gets injured whilst at a supermarket or retail store. This may be when they slip and fall on the floor. Furthermore, it could also be when they walk into a glass door. However, when this happens you would think that it would never happen in real life. But that is not exactly true. That is because stores are one of the most common places where injuries occurred. Furthermore, more often than not it is not the employees that suffer injuries. Instead, it would be the customers. Then, in that case, you would think that individuals would be equipped to handle such a situation. But that is not entirely true.

Don’t Avoid Making a Statement

When one suffers an accident at a supermarket they would not think about calling a lawyer. That is because this is not a vehicle accident where you require motor vehicle accident lawyers Perth. Instead more often than not the individual would feel overwhelmingly embarrassed. Therefore due to this reason, they would attempt to claim that the injury is nothing big. They may tell the employees of the store that they are okay or that they are not hurt. But they should avoid making such statements until they get checked by a medical doctor. That is because sometimes you begin to exhibit the symptoms only after some time. Therefore you need to give your adrenaline levels some time to go down before making any declarations.

Report You Injury To The Manager

If you suffered an injury at work you would be required to contact the workers compensation lawyers in Liverpool. Thus, similarly, when you get hurt you need to report your injury to the manager of the store. Furthermore, you should also take the time to complete the incident report. This is something many individuals fail to complete. They think that they can come at a later date to make the complaint. But by this time the insurance companies would claim that no such accident took place. Therefore that is why it is important to report the accident as soon as it occurs.

Go To a Hospital

Many individuals feel so embarrassed that they don’t even visit a hospital. But as I mentioned earlier it takes some time for symptoms to appear. Therefore you should make sure to visit a hospital as soon as you can. Furthermore, if you don’t seek medical assistance the insurance company would claim that the injury was not serious.

Getting injured in a public place can be pretty embarrassing. But still, you should make sure to follow the aforementioned steps.

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